Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Indoor gardening: a few tips

Indoor gardening is an extremely fun and relaxing pass time, but some of us like to get more out of our home gardens then others... this article is for you.

The first tips I'd like to share involve the tools you use for pruning, planting, etc. Remember that your home is an enclosed environment and plants that have been living inside are used to the temperature, lighting, and soil content of their pots. So my first tip to keeping indoor plants healthy is never use the same tools for indoor plants that you use on outdoor plants, you run the risk of contaminating the indoor plants with fungus or bugs present outside. If you are going to use the same tools, use some 91% rubbing alcohol (available at any grocery store or pharmacy) and wipe down the tools with a rag or paper towel you've applied the alcohol to. If the tools are really dirty, it's a good idea to hose them off and then apply the alcohol, to ensure there is no risk of contamination.

My second tip actually deals with growing the plants themselves. If you have a budding or fruiting plant, you may want to try a process known as 'super cropping' in which you pop off a forming node where a fruiting body could form, and within a few days it will turn into two separate nodes! You can double the amount of flowers or fruits you are growing!