Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tips to plan the perfect garden path

How to plan the perfect garden path
A well-designed path can be an attractive feature in its own right

Straight or winding? Straight garden paths give a formal, functional look, while winding paths create a more relaxed feel.

Gravel and bark chippings are perfect for an informal look or for practical paths leading to the shed or between beds.

Brick is a mid-priced option and can be laid in patterns - try reclaimed bricks for
a worn look.

Timber and stone are pricey, but suit urban gardens where a little goes a long way.

Mowing a winding path through longer grass is an informal but intriguing way of exploring the garden.

Good maintenance is vital. Lay suppressing membrane under gravel and point bricks and paving to banish weeds. Clear slippery moss and lichen from damp paths with a jet washer.

Use aromatic plants such as lavender, catmint or clipped rosemary hedging to line paths - they'll release scent as you brush past them.